Application range of glass fiber chopped strands

2018-09-20 10:45

The glass fiber chopped strands are made by cutting the glass fiber filaments through chopped mechanical cutting. Its basic properties are mainly determined by the properties of its raw glass fiber filaments.

Glass fiber chopped strand products are widely used in various industries such as refractory materials, gypsum industry, building materials industry, FRP products, automobile brake pad products, and surface felts. Because of its good cost performance, it is especially suitable for resin composite use as a reinforcing material for automobiles, trains and ship shells, for high temperature needle felt, automobile sound absorbing sheet, hot rolled steel and so on.

Its products are widely used in the fields of automobiles, construction, and aviation daily necessities. Typical products include auto parts, electronic and electrical products, and mechanical products. It can also be used to enhance the inorganic fiber with excellent anti-seepage and anti-cracking properties of mortar concrete. It is also a substitute for polyester fiber, lignin fiber and other products which are used to enhance the competitiveness of mortar concrete. It can also improve the high temperature stability and low temperature crack resistance of asphalt concrete. Sex and fatigue resistance and extended road surface life. Therefore, glass chopped strands are widely used.

It is well known that glass fiber chopped strands have high strength, excellent corrosion resistance and no rust, and thus have been widely used in water treatment engineering. With the introduction of national environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction policies and laws and regulations, the state will increase investment in this field, and the application of glass fiber chopped strands in water treatment facilities will make great progress. The environmental protection and renewable energy projects are the national key projects and support projects, and are also the application fields of the fiberglass chopped strand industry in recent years.