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Spec 6CM
Material C-fiberglass
Color white
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Glass fiber mesh tape, suitable for mechanical plaster lines.

Common specifications are;


Length; 100-500M.

Width; 4-20CM

Glass fiber mesh tape is easy to use, has a good reinforcing effect on gypsum products, and improves the appearance.

fiberglass mesh is used in   home improvement .   fiberglass mesh   it is great for fixing holes in drywall and sheetrock and masking and visible cracks that may show up in your walls.   but there are many applications for the diy expert.   you can use it to repair or replace window screen. It also is great for substrate for flooring and carpet.

outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular.   often times rock and concretes are used in constructing outdoor kitchens.   a good stiff mesh is used in the cement to give strength to the concrete and prevent it from cracking.

did you know that you can make concrete canoes and surfboards?   universities use   fiberglass mesh for their concrete canoes.   engineering schools enter concrete canoe competitions every year and use fiberglass mesh to reinforce the hull.   it seems like it would be impossible to have anything made of concrete float but the mesh is what gives the boat or board the strength and enforcement it requires while allowing a smaller amount of concrete to be used.   concrete is ideal because it is durable and non porous