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Aluminum foil composite fiberglass cloth
Spec 350/M²
Material C-fiberglass
Color white
Brand Earth
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The aluminum foil cloth is made of aluminum foil and glass fiber cloth by adhesive. It has excellent water vapor barrier performance, high mechanical strength, and oxidation resistance, strong cohesion, corrosion resistance, weak acid and alkali resistance; Softness, decoration and protection; suitable for splicing of pipeline seals, HVAC ducts, insulation and water vapor barrier requirements for cold and warm water pipes, fixed, anti-electronic interference, isolated electromagnetic waves, insulation for engineering and electronics industries effect.

The aluminum foil cloth is made of high-quality pressure-sensitive oily glue, which has good adhesion, strong adhesion, and greatly improved thermal insulation performance. It is matched with the joints of all aluminum foil composite materials, the sealing of the insulation nail puncture and the repair of the damaged parts. It is rock wool, glass wool, rubber and plastic products; the main raw and auxiliary materials for refrigerators and freezers production plants, as well as the heat insulation and sound insulation materials of high-grade building hotels, and the moisture-proof, mildew-proof, fire-proof and anti-corrosion packaging materials for export equipment.

Aluminum foil is widely used in automobile manufacturing, textile, electronics industry, electromechanical industry, aerospace industry, packaging industry, construction industry, shipbuilding industry, etc. It is an important industrial raw material.